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I’m a journalist and web producer based just outside Baltimore. My work focuses on religion, underrepresented communities, technology and the intersections therein. Usually that means covering Muslim American issues and experiences, or exploring cool ways techies and artists are pushing society forward.

My reporting has been published in The Washington Post, USA Today, ThinkProgress, American Journalism Review, Sojourners and other outlets. (Find my clips here.) Sometimes I do web design, social media, data visualization and graphics, too, so if you want you can call me a digital journalist.

I’ve worked at the Religion News Service, The Tempest, and the Journalism Center on Children and Families. I recently graduated from the University of Maryland, where I studied multiplatform journalism and Middle Eastern affairs. There, I ran Plex, an independent, award-winning student news site highlighting diversity and activism.

In particular, I’m actively looking for opportunities to expand my portfolio of writing in the following beats: digital culture, cybersecurity, mass and targeted surveillance, civic technology and activism, South Asian culture and religion, Muslim American issues and sectarianism in Islam.