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Python web scraper: County court docket ¬

Using Python's ScraperWiki library, I helped build a web scraper for the Prince George’s County Circuit Court’s daily docket. The scraper spits out a .tsv file of docket information, pulled from a webpage that updates every day to list each day's docket as pre-formatted text. We also used web browser automator Selenium to worked on a scraper to pull detailed case data from Maryland's state case search database for each case number listed on the docket, so they can be integrated to become a useful reporting system in a local newsroom.

You can find all the code for that project, as well as a writeup of our process, on GitHub.

See the project

Branding and website: Muslim Marine ¬

Muslim marine logo.

I created and a maintain a website on Squarespace for a client looking to make media appearances showing his unique perspective on patriotism as a Muslim veteran. I also designed branded graphic elements including his logo, Twitter header and print letterhead. He has since been featured by the New York Times, the BBC, MSNBC, Al Jazeera, The Washington Post, Voice of America, BuzzFeed and more leading news outlets.

See the website

Social media: Religion News Service

I worked as the social media editor at Religion News Service, a daily news wire service based in D.C., during 2016. I worked with the Reynolds Journalism Center as part of their research into methods of building social trust with readers, and I helped the newsroom tweak its Instagram stategy and begin posting longform and more visual stories on Medium. I coordinated posting and growth strategy on Facebook (where we had 23k+ likes), Twitter (60k+ followers) and other platforms like Pinterest. My work doubled our average daily Facebook reach and monthly tweet impressions, and multiplied our daily tweet clickthrough rate by about 1.5.

Print design: Book covers, fliers and posters

Interactive storytelling: "Kickstarting Persian digital humanities"

Persian digital humanities.

I wrote an article about a groundbreaking Persian digital humanities project and designed a responsive webpage with multimedia elements – original photography, a longform interview hosted on Soundcloud, and an interactive map using the Storymap.js Javascript library – built with HTML5 and CSS.

See the website

Website: Spiritual Fitness

Spiritual Fitness

I created and maintain a Wordpress website for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community's national Spiritual Fitness project. I also created all the graphic elements there and write most of the site's copy, part of the branding work I led there. I also created the project's Twitter account, bringing the follower count from 0 to nearly 2,000 users.

See the website

Interactive storytelling

I wrote a short piece on the future of web design trends and created a quick responsive webpage for it using HTML5 and CSS.

See the Pen flat_design by Aysha K. (@ayshak) on CodePen.


I also used HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and a number of third-party APIs and Javascript libraries to create a "Wander," a responsive, interactive web presentation. You can see that here.

See the Pen Final API by Seema Aysha (@seemaysh) on CodePen.

Front-end design: Plan it web app

I developed the front-end design for version 1.0 of a basic event-planning web app created at Technica, a women's hackathon in Maryland. You can find the code on GitHub.