Reporting and writing ¬

My reporting has been published in The Washington Post, USA Today, ThinkProgress, American Journalism Review, Sojourners and other outlets. And hey, editors – I'm always interested in expanding my portfolio of writing on digital culture, cybersecurity, press freedom, mass and targeted surveillance, civic tech and activism, South Asian culture, Muslim American issues, and Islamic sectarianism.

Digital and design ¬

Sometimes I create web and print design projects: social videos, data visualization, indie book covers, website maintainence and branding for freelance clients. And, although I'm a terribly novice coder, I'm interested in projects involving interactive storytelling with HTML5/CSS3 and web scraping with Python.

A bit more about me ¬

Just in case you're interested: I recently graduated from the University of Maryland, where I studied multiplatform journalism and Middle Eastern affairs. There, I co-founded and edited Plex, an independent, award-winning news site highlighting diversity and activism.

I've worked and interned at RNS, ThinkProgress, American Journalism Review, and the Journalism Center on Children and Families, and spent nearly two years editing culture stories and launching the tech vertical at The Tempest. In another life, I was a poetry fiend. Now I spend my free time watching standup comedy specials and raging over First Amendment violations.

Get in touch ¬